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Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento ED Nurse Saves the Day

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SACRAMENTO – Anna Ryan, R.N., experienced a pay-it-forward moment and that moment kept moving forward.

Ryan, an Emergency Department nurse at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, helped a fireman provide shoes and a meal to a homeless man on a 100-degree summer day. The man didn’t need medical attention, just a little TLC.

Anna Ryan, R.N., Emergency Department, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento partnered with Goodwill Industries to stock the hospital’s clothes closet with shoes.

SMCS has a clothes closet to offer underprivileged and homeless patients something to wear upon release from the hospital or ED. Sometimes a patient has clothes removed by the staff and they need something to wear when they are discharged.

“It’s a great resource that we provide to the community,” said Ryan. During the winter, SMCS sets up a coat rack in the ED waiting room and anyone can come in and take a coat if they need it – no questions asked. Anna estimates that nearly 500 coats were distributed last year.

On this summer day, the homeless man came into the ED without a pair of shoes. Unfortunately, there were no shoes in the clothes closet to give him.

The fireman offered to “do his good deed for the day” and purchase a pair of shoes for the man. Ryan then brought a sandwich and water for him while he sat in the waiting room.

Soon enough, the homeless man, with proper footwear on his feet, was on his way. Read More

Golf Strokes Help Stroke Patients at Sutter Rehabilitation Institute

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Georgia Kaiser, left, and Dorothy Woodstrom, right, take chip shots with oversized clubs and tennis balls at Sutter Rehabilitation Institute Monday, Oct. 9, during the “Saving Strokes” event.

ROSEVILLE – Dorothy Woodstrom of Carmichael used to play “all the time with the gals” at Haggin Oaks golf course when she was in her 20s but hadn’t played in years. On Monday, Oct. 9, the 88-year-old got back into the swing of things, but this time as rehabilitation therapy after suffering a stroke.

Another experienced golfer, Phyllis Stewart, hits the target with Joe Storbakken of Haggin Oaks assisting.

Dorothy was one of a handful of stroke survivors who took their shots with tennis balls at targets during a “Saving Strokes Golf Fore Health” event at Sutter Rehabilitation Institute, where she is currently a patient.

“The benefits for those who had strokes include balance, standing, hand-eye coordination,” said Bonnie Jenkins-Close, a Sutter Rehabilitation Institute physical therapist who has been organizing golf therapy for stroke and other rehabbing patients for more than 15 years. “And for those who previously played golf, it shows them what they are capable of doing.” Read More

Woodshop Pioneer Hand-Makes Guitar for Rock-Star Doctor Who Saved His Life

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Woodshop teacher Duane Calkins, who pioneered a class that makes electric guitars, presented David Yee, M.D., MPH, of Sutter Roseville Medical Center with a handmade guitar for saving his life from prostate cancer.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Duane Calkins revived middle-school woodshop by teaching students how to make electric guitars. Earlier this year, after the Roseville teacher was diagnosed with prostate cancer, Sutter Roseville Medical Center urologist and cancer surgeon David Yee, M.D., MPH, used another high-tech, souped-up instrument to save Calkins’ life.

Calkins started teaching his Woodshop Rocks class at Buljan Middle School a dozen years ago, and his students have since made more than 5,000 guitars, making his class the largest manufacturer of guitars in Northern California. Not bad for an industrial-arts course that was dying because students weren’t interested in making cutting boards and birdhouses anymore. Calkins has since taught dozens of other woodshop instructors around the nation to teach guitar-building, reviving this nearly lost art.

Late in 2016, though, Calkins’ life hit a sour chord; he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of prostate cancer. Like a virtuoso, David Yee, M.D., earlier this year used the da Vinci robotic surgical instrument at Sutter Roseville Medical Center to remove his prostate, and Calkins went from having Stage 3 prostate cancer to being cancer-free today.

To say thank you, Calkins hand-made a special, paisley-imprinted guitar that he presented Monday, Sept. 25, to Dr. Yee for saving his life. Dr. Yee brought some of the da Vinci “arms” to explain to Calkins and students how the robot assisted him to create a surgical masterpiece that is minimally invasive and gets patients back to doing what they love much quicker. That meant that, in getting to teach his students to make guitars, Calkins barely missed a beat.

Roseville Health Fair Centers on Preventing Falls

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Click the flyer for a full-page version.

ROSEVILLE – The Ready, Steady, Balance Health Fair on Friday, Sept. 22, co-sponsored by Sutter Roseville Medical Center, is focused on preventing falls among the elderly.

The free health fair, which is also sponsored by StopFalls Sacramento and BrightStar Care, will be held from 9 a.m.-noon Friday at the Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Drive, Roseville.

Free assessments and services available include:

  • Multi-sensory Balance Assessments
  • Home Modification Consultations
  • Vision Screenings
  • Medication Reviews
  • Walks Tune-ups
  • Shoe Audits
  • Flu Shots
  • Blood Pressure Checks
  • Hearing Assessments

For more information, contact Sutter Roseville’s Kate Carleton at 916-878-2415.


Sacramento Mayor Thanks Sutter Staff, Outlines Plan to Help Homeless

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Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg thanked Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento staff for its care of the homeless population.

SACRAMENTO – Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg thanked Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento’s leaders for the midtown hospital’s treatment of the homeless and mentally ill, and outlined his goals to markedly reduce the city’s homeless population.

“Society has done you a great disservice,” he said, speaking to Sutter Medical Center’s Hospital Council during its July management meeting. “I don’t think you should have to be the first and last refuge for people with psychiatric disabilities or in psychiatric crisis. We ought to be about helping people before they even have to get to an emergency room.”

He thanked Sutter Health and Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento for their partnerships on many programs aiding the homeless population, including helping Sacramento to become the only city in the state to receive a Whole Person Care grant that will provide $64 million toward homeless programs. Read More

Mountains of Clothing Donated for Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Patients Who Need Clean Clothes

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SACRAMENTO – An idea to give Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Emergency Department patients a warm jacket has now expanded into a Clothes Closet to ensure all patients leave the hospital wearing clean clothing.

Sutter Medical Center Emergency Department Nursing Director Stephanie Johnson, right, spearheaded the drive to stock a Clothes Closet for all patients at the hospital.

“The cold, rainy winter this past year was really tough on our patients,” said Emergency Department Nursing Director Stephanie Johnson, so the E.D. asked staff and the public for coat donations. “We put a rack in the our waiting room with a sign that said, ‘If you need a coat, take a coat.’ We’d fill up the rack, and it seemed it would be empty in 30 seconds.”

In total, more than 1,500 jackets were given out in January and February this year to people who needed coats. “It was a wonderful feeling to everyone who donated,” she said.

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento staff members fold and pack clothing donated for the new SMCS Clothes Closet. They are, from left, volunteer Lourdes Dizon; Philanthropy Coordinator Mary Anne Zbyczik; Budget & Analysis Director Amy Gutierrez; and Sutter Medical Center Foundation Development Officer Theresa Holden.

As an extension of that coat project, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento and SAFE Credit Union partnered to stock a Clothes Closet that will be accessible to nursing staff throughout the hospital to give every adult patient a proper set of clothing upon discharge.

“We have set up a Clothes Closet where the clothes are hanging up and are organized by size,” Johnson said. “If you’re a nurse or tech and you need clothes for your patient, you just go to the Clothes Closet and grab a matching outfit in the patient’s size. It’s that easy.” Read More