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Quilts on Display in Anticipation of Sutter Cancer Center Auction

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SACRAMENTO — A dozen quilts are already hanging in Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento’s Buhler Specialty Pavilion in preparation of the 2017 Quilt Auction that benefits Sutter Cancer Center’s breast cancer treatment programs and services.

Some of the quilts hanging in the lobby of the Buhler Specialty Pavilion, 2800 L St.

During the month of October, the walls of the seven-story Buhler building will be covered with quilts, and with 500 works to be displayed, they will surely spill over to other facilities on the Sutter Medical Center campus. On Nov. 4, a live auction will be held for 50 of the best pieces and the silent auction will end for the other quilts.

The Quilt Auction is held every three years, and more than $650,000 has been raised through the auctioning of 3,000 quilts in the past six auctions.

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Mountains of Clothing Donated for Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Patients Who Need Clean Clothes

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SACRAMENTO – An idea to give Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Emergency Department patients a warm jacket has now expanded into a Clothes Closet to ensure all patients leave the hospital wearing clean clothing.

Sutter Medical Center Emergency Department Nursing Director Stephanie Johnson, right, spearheaded the drive to stock a Clothes Closet for all patients at the hospital.

“The cold, rainy winter this past year was really tough on our patients,” said Emergency Department Nursing Director Stephanie Johnson, so the E.D. asked staff and the public for coat donations. “We put a rack in the our waiting room with a sign that said, ‘If you need a coat, take a coat.’ We’d fill up the rack, and it seemed it would be empty in 30 seconds.”

In total, more than 1,500 jackets were given out in January and February this year to people who needed coats. “It was a wonderful feeling to everyone who donated,” she said.

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento staff members fold and pack clothing donated for the new SMCS Clothes Closet. They are, from left, volunteer Lourdes Dizon; Philanthropy Coordinator Mary Anne Zbyczik; Budget & Analysis Director Amy Gutierrez; and Sutter Medical Center Foundation Development Officer Theresa Holden.

As an extension of that coat project, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento and SAFE Credit Union partnered to stock a Clothes Closet that will be accessible to nursing staff throughout the hospital to give every adult patient a proper set of clothing upon discharge.

“We have set up a Clothes Closet where the clothes are hanging up and are organized by size,” Johnson said. “If you’re a nurse or tech and you need clothes for your patient, you just go to the Clothes Closet and grab a matching outfit in the patient’s size. It’s that easy.” Read More

New Pulmonary Rehab Program Already Showing Inspiring Results

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SACRAMENTO — Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento started a new pulmonary rehabilitation program this year to help patients with pulmonary diseases cope with their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

Lois Lehmann, center, learns exercises from the pulmonary rehab program staff, including Angie Smith, left.

The new program shares space in the SMCS Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, located in the Galleria at 2929 K St., Suite 100.

“Our patients with COPD and other types of pulmonary disease can’t breathe well, and because of this they do less and less. They’re not enjoying their lives anymore,” said Jamie Kowalsky, an SMCS respiratory therapist who is the coordinator of the new program. “We have been amazed at how this program has already changed lives. It’s very inspiring.” Read More

‘Breathing’ Pig’s Lungs Help Sutter Kids Learn About Healthcare

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It was just one of several intriguing, interactive displays during 2017 Bring Your Child to Work Day

Landen Hughes, the son of PICU nurse Jolynn Hughes, doesn’t know what to think of the “breathing” pig lung display at Bring Your Child to Work Day Wednesday. With him is big brother Kaden.

SACRAMENTO — Forget the pig’s lungs or cow’s heart. Kayla Hussey’s favorite display at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento’s Bring Your Child to Work Day on Wednesday was diapering a life-like infant mannequin.

“My favorite part is definitely the babies, because I’m a ‘little people’ person and the station is so cute. We even got to put Pampers on them,” said the 12-year-old daughter of Ellen Litle, a social worker in SMCS’s Advanced Heart Therapies Program.

When asked if the event helped convince her to pursue a career in healthcare, Kayla said, “I probably won’t go into the medical field, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.”

Mom Min He, who works in the Clinical Lab, smiles as her daughters Wency Li, right, and Wengel Li pet pygmy therapy horse Lilly, whose handler is Pharmacy Coordinator Melanie Welcher, left.

To that, her little sister, 8-year-old Grace, piped in, “Maybe I might go to medical school!”

Kayla and Grace were two of the 130 children of employees at Sutter Health’s flagship medical center who participated in this annual event, which was coordinated by SMCS Human Resources Partner Judy Lesh and committee members Vickie Fontes, Joyce DelaCruz and Annie Lamy. Read More

Sutter Health Sponsors Celebrity Golf Fundraiser to Research Youth Brain Injuries

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SACRAMENTO – Northern California’s Sutter Health signed on to be the title sponsor of a celebrity golf tournament raising funds for research on traumatic brain injuries in high school football and other sports.

Toran Maronic at age 5, left, and age 15, the season before suffering a traumatic brain injury during a football scrimmage. Toran was a Division 1 receiver prospect for Bear River High School.

The Game-Changer Celebrity Golf Classic, headlined by many former Oakland Raiders and other NFL and sports greats, will be held June 16 and 17 at Whitney Oaks Golf Club in Rocklin, Calif. The event is presented by three nonprofit organizations focused on high school football brain injuries.

“The cooperation between the three nonprofits – T3 Charities, 21 Strong and Practice Like Pros – has been amazing, and the fantastic response from members of the NFL is heart-warming knowing they are supportive of our cause,” said Jeffrey R. Jenkins, M.D., chief medical executive of Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital. “I am also grateful to all of our sponsors for helping bring this issue to the greater public. Because of this spirit of cooperation, we will be able to make a huge difference in the knowledge about detection, prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injuries among high school athletes.”

The tournament is hosted by the family of 17-year-old Toran Maronic of Bear River High School in Grass Valley, who was a college prospect in football and lacrosse. In June 2016, the wide receiver was brain-injured during a 7-on-7 scrimmage. Specialists believed Toran would never come out of his coma or fully recover, but he did and is now awaiting clearance to pursue playing lacrosse again. He became the first patient enrolled in groundbreaking scientific research on “second-impact syndrome” among high school football players.

Proceeds of the tournament will go to the research project, which is being conducted by Robert C. Cantu, M.D., co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation in Boston. The research is sponsored by Practice Like Pros, which encourages high school football programs to hold practices like the NFL does. According to the group, just 2½ percent of NFL injuries happen during practices, while 58 percent of high school injuries occur at practice.

Former Oakland Raiders Hall of Famer Willie Brown and greats Jim Plunkett, Ted Kwalick, Daryle Lamonica, Phil Villapiano, Rod Martin and Charles Woodson are among the three-dozen sports celebrities participating in the golf tournament. Every player who signs up will be in a five-some captained by one of the celebrities. Entry and sponsorship fees are tax-deductible. Read More