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Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento Hosts 31st Annual NICU, MOMs Reunion

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Children's Services, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, Women's Services | 0 comments

SACRAMENTO — Triplets, twins and many others toddled around Fairytale Town in Sacramento on Friday evening as their parents embraced physicians, nurses, Child Life specialists, social workers, administrators and volunteers from Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento.

The children’s center held its 31st annual NICU and 7th annual MOMs center reunions, bringing together staff and families for a couple of smile-filled hours.

The mothers of three sets of triplets who came to the reunion shared tips and tricks on how to best balance their busy lives, exchanged the best Facebook groups to be part of all while trying to keep track of the toddlers running around at their feet.

Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento NICU Child Life Specialist Lisa Norrgard and Linda Rickards-Ito take the lead on organizing the reunion, though it takes a village to put on this successful event.

“This event is our baby,” said Lisa. “We are so excited to see all of our families and see how well their children are doing. Some of these babies are with us for a long time in the NICU and it can be a scary time for the parents. When they come back to the reunion and the parents are smiling and the child is healthy and happy, it’s a great feeling.”

Jacqueline Masullo, LCSW, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, heads up the Mothers of Multiples (MOMs) Center and was elated to reunite with families to see how much their multiples had grown.

“Our team cares for a lot of these families from early on in their pregnancies to after delivery, but once they get home, we don’t keep in touch as much anymore,” she said. “It’s great to see their babies climbing on the playground, running around the park and doing things that healthy children should be doing. This reunion is such a great celebration.”

Dozens of families attended this year’s reunion at the popular theme park at William Land Park. In addition to playing on the many playgrounds, light refreshments were served, children had their faces painted and visited with Disney princesses.

“We get such a great turnout for this event every year,” said Linda. “I am glad that our families look forward to this event as much as we do.”

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Children's Services, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, Women's Services | 0 comments