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Bunnell, Inc. Donates Ventilator to Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento NICU

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Children's Services, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento | 0 comments

SACRAMENTO — Bunnell, Inc. donated the newest version of its high-frequency jet ventilator to Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento’s neonatal intensive care unit on Tuesday.

David Blackney, center in teal scrubs, was surrounded by staff members, physicians and Bunnell, Inc. representatives during a ceremony in which a new high-frequency jet ventilator was donated to SMCS’ NICU in his name.

The gift in-kind donation was made on behalf of a longtime Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento employee who has dedicated his career to educating colleagues, physicians and families about respiratory condition of those who receive care at the hospital.
David Blackney, neopeds coordinator, SMCS, was surprised and overwhelmed by the greeting he received upon attending the ventilator’s unveiling ceremony in the lobby of the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center.
“I thought I was going to a meeting,” said Blackney, who was escorted to the event by two colleagues. “I can’t even explain how I feel right now about all of this. This is an unbelievable day. For the babies that we care for, this is huge. And for our transport team, they are going to be so excited to go out on their next transport.”
Bunnell’s efforts are focused on the development of advanced ventilation systems for treating premature infants in acute respiratory failure, an often fatal complication of preterm birth. The company manufactures, markets, and services its products for hospitals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Uruguay, and Trinidad and Tobago. Since its introduction, the Life Pulse® Ventilator has helped health care professionals save approximately 100,000 infants.
The newest technology added to the children’s center’s toolbelt weighs just 25 pounds. In comparison, the ventilator previously used weighed 51 pounds. When you add the 50-pound battery to that, it made for a cumbersome transport. The new ventilator is also much smaller, while providing the same amount of care to babies as the current high-frequency jet ventilator.
Bunnell staff, including Founder Bert Bunnell, as well as SMCS staff praised Blackney for his passion for respiratory health and education.
“David is a true pioneer at Sutter Health,” said SMCS NICU Nurse Manager Christi Walsh. “He is innovative and has made instrumental changes for our patients.”

Posted by on Sep 22, 2017 in Children's Services, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento | 0 comments