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Sutter Medical Center Pioneering Anesthesia Awareness Monitor

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SACRAMENTO — A new technology being pioneered in Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento operating rooms provides real-time EEG that allows anesthesiologists to determine how asleep patients are during surgery.

Mark Mendenhall, Mark Mendenhall, Sutter Medical Center’s anesthesia clinical manager, was instrumental in bringing the Root system to the hospital.

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento was one of the first hospitals in California to use the Masimo Root system, an anesthesia awareness monitor that includes other functions and ports to allow the system to integrate several other monitoring devices into one and send details to the electronic health record.

“We are very enthusiastic about the capabilities of this new system,” said Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Chief of Staff Hal Humphreys, M.D., an anesthesiologist. “The Masimo Root system is a reliable marker of depth of anesthesia that can help the anesthesiologist optimize anesthetic depth on every patient.”

Dr. Humphreys noted that Sutter Medical Center anesthesiologists have been disappointed with previous depth-of-anesthesia monitors. “In the past, we had to rely on vital sign stability as a surrogate or estimation of depth of anesthesia. As a result, we usually end up giving slightly more anesthesia than the average person is expected to need in order to hedge against light anesthesia,” he said.

Light anesthesia is a cause of intraoperative awareness, a rare complication with an incidence of less than one out of 5,000-10,000 patients where the intended state of complete unconsciousness is not maintained throughout the whole procedure. With the new Root system, intraoperative awareness can be detected and prevented.

The Root system can display and chart data from several different monitors.

Mark Mendenhall, Sutter Medical Center’s anesthesia clinical manager, said the Root system keeps patients safer. “The monitor lets us know exactly how asleep a patient is,” he said. “It keeps us in tune with patient changes during surgery so we can correct them and optimize the patient’s condition.”

Mendenhall, who was instrumental in getting the Root system into Sutter Medical Center surgery suites both at the hospital and in the outpatient surgery center at Sutter Capitol Pavilion, also noted the system’s other capabilities, which include measuring hemoglobin in the blood using a noninvasive probe on the finger as well as cerebral oximetry, which measures the oxygen level in the brain. Both of these functions are used in the surgery suites but will be even more useful for patients in intensive care units. Mendenhall expects the Root system to be introduced in Sutter Medical Center pediatric and cardiovascular ICUs later this month.

“We’re always looking for ways to take care of our patients better,” Mendenhall said. “This new system is the wave of the future in order to do that.”

Posted by on Aug 14, 2017 in Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento | 0 comments