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Sutter Wins National Award for Program to Help Homeless Substance Abusers

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*SACRAMENTO – The Community Benefit arm of Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region accepted a national award  Feb. 13, for its Serial Inebriate Program at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, a 90-day inpatient treatment program to help homeless individuals overcome chronic substance abuse problems. The 2012 Hospital Charitable Service Award was presented at the Charitable Services Conference and Awards Banquet in Atlanta, sponsored by Jackson Healthcare.

Each year, Jackson Healthcare selects a hospital-based charitable program that demonstrates excellent impact in the community, collaboration with other community entities, innovation in using new models and approaches, best practices that set standards for others, and transferability to other hospitals and communities.

“To have the Serial Inebriate Program recognized on this national stage affirms that we’re not only making a difference in our community and accomplishing our mission to reduce homelessness, but we’re also setting the stage for larger change around the nation as other hospitals learn from this successful model,” said Carrie Owen Plietz, CEO of Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento.

The Serial Inebriate Program, launched in 2006, houses up to 10 people for 90 days, during which clients receive alcohol addiction counseling and permanent housing through Sacramento Self Help Housing. Additionally, the program clients are connected with primary and mental health services to help address their long-term medical needs and place these at-risk patients in permanent medical homes.

The Serial Inebriate Program is part of the Community Prosecution Pilot Program in the downtown Sacramento area and is one of the programs in Sacramento’s Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness. According to the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, which coordinates all efforts of the Serial Inebriate Program partners and tracks its success, the program has proven its impact in a number of ways including:

* For the 153 men and women who have graduated from the Serial Inebriate Program, the drunk-in-public arrest rate has dropped by 94.2 percent. This has saved the county an estimated $38,401 per inebriate in arrest and ER costs.

*Since 2009, the number of homeless people chronically abusing a substance has decreased by about 28 percent.

* Since the implementation of the program, the number of publicly intoxicated individuals referred to the Sacramento Police Department has decreased by 90 percent. Police referrals from business owners have gone from more than 1,100 in 2004 to less than 150 in 2010.

 “We know without a doubt that helping homeless individuals address their chemical addictions has a dramatic effect on their ability to find employment and housing. It can even save their lives,” said James Conforti, Regional President for Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region. “That’s something Sutter Health has the expertise to do, and we’re extremely proud to be impacting individuals and the larger community through this worthwhile – and now award-winning – program.”


Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Community Benefit, Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento | 0 comments