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Sophie’s Place Opens with a Bang at Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento

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Kent and Anne-Marie Barton and Barb and Steve Young cut the ceremonial ribbon for Sophie's Place on Tuesday, surrounded by patients, donors and supporters of Sutter Children's Center, Sacramento.

Kent and Anne-Marie Barton and Barb and Steve Young cut the ceremonial ribbon for Sophie’s Place on Tuesday, surrounded by patients, donors and supporters of Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento.

Dozens of supporters, donors, patients and families were on hand to witness a momentous occasion as Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento officially opened its music therapy room, Sophie’s Place, at the Anderson Lucchetti Women’s and Children’s Center on Tuesday.

NFL Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young and his wife, Barb, helped cut the ribbon along with several patients from Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento and Sophie’s parents, Anne-Marie and Kent Barton. Guests were then treated to an acoustic concert by Five for Fighting, accompanied by Mark Isham, both in Sophie’s Place and in the lobby of the hospital.

Sophie’s Place came to fruition thanks to a $150,000 donation from Steve and Barb’s philanthropic organization, Forever Young Foundation, in August 2014, as well as contributions from the Donut Dash and other philanthropic partners. The music therapy facility is named in honor of Sophie Barton, who often performed to pediatric patients in Utah until she died of a heart condition at age 17.  Read More

Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento’s Community Navigator Program Recognized at National Hospital Charitable Service Awards

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SACRAMENTO — Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento’s Community Navigator Program was honored as a finalist at Jackson Healthcare’s National Hospital Charitable Service Awards.


Teresa Olivas, a community navigator, works with the homeless to provide access to health care and other services.

Jackson Healthcare instituted the Hospital Charitable Services Awards in 2010 to identify high-impact community health programs, share their stories and offer these innovative programs as models for other communities to replicate.

SMCS’ Community Navigator is offered in partnership withSacramento Steps Forward and is designed to connect with our homeless population to ensure they have access to primary health care through a medical home, housing, food, medical insurance, community resources, transportation and substance abuse treatment.

This program has been extremely successful in extending the reach of SMCS beyond the walls of the hospital and into the greater community, to ensure that linkages are drawn between the often complex medical and social needs of Sacramento’s chronically homeless population.

“We have found that the best way to better our community is to develop unique partnerships that deliver care at the right time and right place,” said Holly Harper, Sutter Health Community Benefit manager. “The Community Navigator helps us provide important preventive care and resources to our community’s most vulnerable population.”

In 2015, the Community Navigator made contact with more than 120 homeless individuals, with 40 percent being successfully linked to housing and 45 percent to mental health treatment.

Additionally, starting later this month, SMCS will connect a WellSpace Health “street nurse” with the Community Navigator to provide on the spot medical care for primary and preventive needs.

Sutter Medical Center Performs First Frameless Gamma Knife Surgery in U.S.

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New radiosurgery system Gamma Knife Icon enables unprecedented precision in frameless treatment of brain tumors. 

SACRAMENTO — Elekta, a leading supplier of advanced and innovative radiation oncology and neurosurgery systems, announced its Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™, the most precise stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) system currently available, was used for the first time in the U.S. on March 1 at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento Gamma Knife Center to treat a metastatic brain tumor.

The patient, a 52-year-old male from El Dorado Hills, Calif., had previously undergone successful treatment for primary melanoma and for melanoma metastases to his lung. The patient’s treatment was planned and guided using a frameless approach. The frameless mask solution is one of several new features of Icon and is integrated with a novel high definition motion management.  The system provides accuracy similar to that of frame-based SRS systems while minimizing dose to normal tissue.

“Increasing the precision of frameless cranial SRS is essential for effectively targeting tumor tissue while protecting healthy brain tissue from damage,” said Samuel Ciricillo, M.D., Medical Director of Adult and Pediatric Neurosurgery at Sutter Neuroscience Institute. “The new Gamma Knife system, Icon, now provides the most accurate motion tracking during treatment. Additionally, with Gamma Knife there is a two- to four-fold improvement in sparing normal brain tissue compared to other linear accelerator platforms. These features allow for greater potential to protect patient quality of life both during treatment and after recovery.”
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Sutter Medical Center Foundation Welcomes New Board Members

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Sacramento, Calif. – Sutter Medical Center Foundation has announced the addition of six new community members to its Board of Trustees.

“Our new board members bring great knowledge of the community and enthusiasm to the Sutter Medical Center Foundation board. We are excited to have them as we know that Sutter Medical Center will continue to have a great presence in the community because of their efforts,” said Gregory Walaitis, Executive Director, Sutter Medical Center Foundation.

The 32-member board brings a wealth of knowledge and community service experience to the foundation. Members contribute to their communities in a variety of ways and several have either worked or volunteered at Sutter Health hospitals for decades. Read More

Two Sutter Facilities Earn Top 15 Nods in Best Places Survey

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Sutter Center for Psychiatry ranked 11th in the Small Provider Category in the Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work in Healthcare survey.

Sutter Center for Psychiatry ranked 11th in the Small Provider Category in the Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work in Healthcare survey.

SACRAMENTO – Sutter Davis Hospital and Sutter Center for Psychiatry each ranked in the top 15 of their respective categories when Modern Healthcare revealed its Best Places to Work rankings during the Best Places to Work Gala on Oct. 14 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.

Sutter Davis Hospital ranked 14th in the Medium Provider Category and 30th overall among all provider categories. Sutter Center for Psychiatry ranked 11th in the Small Provider Category and 32nd among all provider categories.

Jennifer Maher, CEO, SDH, and Don Hartman, Human Resources director, SDH, accepted awards for Sutter Davis Hospital. Jeffrey Symon, director of patient services, SMCS, and Kristin Lawson, HR manager, SMCS, accepted the award for Sutter Center for Psychiatry.

Sutter Davis Hospital was named as a Best Place to Work in Healthcare for the seventh year in a row and was the only hospital in California to make the list. Sutter Center for Psychiatry made the list for the fourth year and was the lone mental-health facility to make the list.


Sutter Memory Clinic Study Shows IVIG Could Be Key to Alzheimer’s Cure

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SACRAMENTO – In a Sutter Institute of Medical Research study published this month in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, the blood product intravenous immunoglobulin, or IVIG, was found to reduce brain atrophy and cognitive decline in patients in the early, pre-dementia phase of Alzheimer’s disease.

Shawn Kile, M.D., is medical director of the groundbreaking Sutter Memory Clinic and was the principal investigator of the IVIG study.

Shawn Kile, M.D., is co-medical director of the groundbreaking Sutter Memory Clinic and was the principal investigator of the IVIG study.

IVIG, extracted from the plasma of more than 1,000 blood donors, contains antibodies to amyloid, an abnormal brain protein found in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Sutter Institute of Medical Research, in partnership with Sutter Neuroscience Institute and Sutter Neuroradiology, designed the study to investigate if a course of IVIG could have practical, disease-modifying effects on Alzheimer’s disease when administered during the pre-dementia phase. The study showed promising results during the first year after treatment in the form of reduced brain atrophy as well as reduced conversions to Alzheimer’s disease dementia at one year, compared with a placebo group.

“This research shows some evidence that IVIG could prevent brain atrophy and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in patients who are in the beginning stages,” said Shawn Kile, M.D., Sutter Neuroscience Institute neurologist, co-medical director of the groundbreaking Sutter Memory Clinic and principal investigator of the IVIG study. “My hope is that our study will lead to additional investigations of this treatment strategy so we can eventually conquer this devastating disease.” Read More