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Sutter Auburn Implements LOUD Therapy for Parkinson Patients

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Amanda Jolley, Speech Language Pathologist

Amanda Jolley, Speech Language Pathologist

Amanda Jolley, a speech-language pathologist, who has been treating adults for speech therapy for seven years, began working at Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital two years ago. Her work at the hospital includes patients suffering from neurological disorder. She sees these individuals on an outpatient basis and treats those who have suffered strokes or traumatic brain injury, or have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.

Last year Jolley completed training in the LOUD program which is a speech treatment primarily for individuals with Parkinson disease. This therapy works on improving enunciation, facial expressions and impaired swallowing. Treatment consists of four individual one-hour sessions, four times a week. Jolley has been using LOUD therapy for over a year.

“I love the LOUD therapy,” said Jolley. “I’ve seen all of my LOUD patients improve.” Read More

Sutter Express Care Clinics Reach 100,000 Visits

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Sutter Express Care Program Manager, Monica Van Demon congratulates patient, Amy Cook on being our 100,000 patient visitor.

Sutter Express Care Program Manager, Monica Van Demon congratulates patient Amy Cook on being our 100,000th visitor.

Retail health clinics expected to play major role in Affordable Care Act

SACRAMENTO  – Sutter Express Care clinics – located inside Rite Aid drugstores in Roseville, and the Sacramento areas of Greenhaven and Natomas – celebrated their 100,000th patient visit in May, a noteworthy milestone for Sutter Health and for the retail clinic health care industry that is gaining more notice in light of the Affordable Care Act being signed into law.

“Retail clinics will continue to provide care to those do not have as many access points to health care services,” said Thomas Atkins, M.D., medical director of Sutter Express Care. “Retail clinics will also help fill the gaps for new patients who gain insurance coverage through the new law.” Read More

Sutter Roseville Implements New Pet Therapy Program

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Tilly, a Newfoundland, with handler Sherri Smith

Tilly, a Newfoundland, with handler Sherri Smith

Tilly, a big shaggy black Newfoundland dog, ambles into Sutter Roseville Medical Center by the side of her owner and handler, Sherri Smith. The two are visiting patients in the medical center to bring some comfort and happiness to an otherwise routine medical stay.

The program is a new service within Sutter Roseville Medical Center’s Auxiliary Volunteer Services. Tilly and Sherri became members of the hospital Auxiliary in order to participate in the pet therapy program.

Five year old Tilly, who is friendly and calm, fits the criteria for a therapy dog as she does very well in strange settings.  Even so, she had to undergo training to be a therapy dog and afterward had to pass a test for certification. Read More

Duck Dash to Raise Funds for Music Therapy Program at Sutter Children’s Center

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Thousands of ducks dashing to benefit the Child Life Program at Sutter Chidlren's Center, Sacramento

Saturday, June 15th at 5:00 p.m.
Raging Waters – Sacramento

SACRAMENTO – The inaugural Duck Dash at Raging Waters at Cal Expo in Sacramento will take place Saturday, June 15. Thousands of rubber ducks will float down an 800-foot-long lazy river, racing to the finish line to win prizes and raise funds for the Child Life Program at Sutter Children’s Center. Community members are encouraged to adopt a duck – or a paddling of ducks – and cheer them on during the 5 p.m. race.

Funds raised by The Duck Dash will be used to start music therapy services in the Child Life Program at Sutter Children’s Center. Music therapists from McConnell Music Therapy Services use a variety of techniques that have been proven to be effective in helping children and adolescents reach a wide range of goals through music. Activities include listening to live music, songwriting, singing, live music creating and imprecision, song lyric analysis and guided relaxation.

Young patients hospitalized for days or weeks at a time can benefit from music therapy to help reduce pain and pain perception, support emotional expression, normalize the hospital environment, increase verbal and nonverbal communication and many other benefits. Read More

Bone Up on Osteoporosis

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Seema Maple, M.D. - Family Practice - Sutter Medical Group

Seema Maple, M.D.
Sutter Medical Group

Osteoporosis is a silent disease that over the years creates fragile and brittle bones. “Osteoporosis occurs when existing bone breaks down faster than the new bone is made,” says Seema Maple, M.D., a family practice physician with Sutter Medical Group in Auburn.  “This creates a frail frame in the bone that is susceptible to fracture even with minor falls or injuries.”

Bone fractures, especially in the spine or hip, can cause serious complications and can result in disability in older adults. However, Dr. Maple says there are steps you can take to prevent this disease.

Below are five tips to stave off osteoporosis:

  • Keep active and exercise regularly
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Avoid smoking and excessive drinking
  • Take adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D
  • Prevent falls with low-heeled shoes with nonslip soles

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